Unit Pathways

Superhero Headquarters

Is there anybody out here?

How Tall is Jack's Beanstalk?

Why are Animals Amazing?

Welcome to Reception! 

Welcome to Reception! We have lots of fun learning opportunities planned throughout the year and we are looking forward to getting to know your children. 

Please ensure your child brings their bookbag to school with their reading book inside. Reading books will be changed weekly. Please remember to listen to your child read for at least 5 minutes per day. Your child has also been given a homwork book with activities set inside. 

Please ensure your child has a named water bottle. 

PE days are Tuesday (indoor) and Thursday (outdoor)

Your child should arrive to school in their PE kit, suitable for the weather and appropriate for indoor or outdoor PE sessions.

Manor Farm Trip

The children had a fantastic time at Manor Farm. Here are a few photographs of our trip.


This week, we learnt all about the work of UNICEF alongside the rest of the school. We looked at Global Goal 3- good health and well-being and how some children across the world, sadly do not have good health or well-being. We have been busy sorting foods into two categories- foods that we can eat all of the time and foods that we only eat sometimes. The children demonstrated a brilliant understanding of this and were able to discuss other ways to stay healthy. Following on from this, we chose to design and make a healthy granola bar which is packed full of nutrients. We have also been taking part in some well-being activities. The children have loved creating kindness cards for their friends, telling them what they like about each other, this really boosted our class morale. We have been doing yoga, mindfulness colouring and talking about our emotions.

Battram Woods Trip

The children had a wonderful time on their trip to Battram Woods. They loved exploring the woodlands and exploring signs of Spring, as well as getting very muddy!

Parts of a plant 

In Science we learnt about the different parts of a plant and their functions. We enjoyed investigating real plants and talking about what we could see, feel and smell.

World Book Day

Today we enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. The children enjoyed wearing their costumes and talking about what character they have dressed up as. We enjoyed making our own book mark and painting our favorite characters out of stories. We also went on a scavenger hunt outside and enjoyed looking at the clues to find where the characters have been hiding.

Planting Beans 

Jack (from Jack and the Beanstalk) visited our classroom and left us some beans to plant. We think they may be magic beans, so we decided to plant them. We learnt how to plant a bean correctly and now we have to wait to see if they grow! Here are some photos of us planting our beans.


What material is best to build a house with?

In Science this week, we have been learning all about materials and which material is best to build a house with. The children explored different materials; we discussed which ones were soft and hard and decided it was best to build a strong house using the hard items.

The children loved building their houses and working as a team. They built houses made from straw, paper and bricks, BUT then the Big Bad Wolf came along to try to blow them over!

We concluded that the straws and paper are not good materials to build a house with, but the bricks were a good material to use! Well done, Owls. You showed brilliant thinking and understanding.


Mixing Colours 

We enjoyed investigating how to make different shades of green by using black and white paint. We were able to mix different shades and use this to paint a beanstalk.

Children in Need 

Today we enjoyed wearing our own clothes and doing lots of fun activities to raise money for Children in Need.


We had a special visit from the 'Wonderdome'. Inside the dome, we enjoyed learning about our Solar System.


We had a love day learning all about the Hindu celebration of Diwali. We made Diwali cards, created our own henna patterns and made our own paper lanterns. We also enjoyed using coloured rice to create a rangoli pattern. We enjoyed looking at the beautiful outfits that people wear to celebrate Diwali and tried them on while listening and dancing to traditional music. We had a brilliant day learning about another religious celebration. Here are some photos of our busy day!

Remembrance Day 

We learned all about Remembrance Day and why we see others wearing poppies. We used a range of materials to collage our own poppy which we held up in assembly to show to the rest of the school.

Bonfire Night 

On Friday, we learned all about bonfire night and why it is celebrated. We enjoyed watching fireworks, talking about the colours we could see and the patterns they make in the sky. We then created our own and had great fun!

Is there anybody out there? 

We had a great week learning all about space! We enjoyed pretending to be astronauts in the control room, helping to send the rocket into space. We have been learning how to add one more by using the aliens to help us. This week we learned how write a sentence describing what we can see in space. Well done, Owls.

Our Autumn Week 

This week we have been learning about the season Autumn. The children have been creating a finger painting of an Autumn tree, cutting up leaves to make hedgehogs and using tweezers to collect seeds from pumpkins.

On Tuesday, the children went on an Autumn walk around the school field to explore what Autumn changes we can find. They had lots of fun collecting leaves and discussing the changes that has happened.

The children have also enjoyed making some delicious hedgehog bread, using scissors to make spikes and adding raisins for their eyes and nose.

A big thank you to all the children and parents who brought back their Autumn bag! The children have loved sharing what they have found with the class.

Here are some pictures of our week!

Repeating Patterns 

In maths this week, the children have been exploring different patterns. We have learnt how to make a repeating pattern using lots of different resources.

Building a trap for the Evil Pea.

The children have done an amazing job at trapping the Evil Pea! Great teamwork Owls!


This week the children have been learning about Supertato and his nemesis, Evil Pea.
The children have enjoyed making their own Supertato using real potatoes. They have selected their own resources and used scissors correctly to make a cape. Here are some pictures!

W.b 18.09.23

We have had a brilliant week learning about people who help us! We enjoyed pretending to be doctors and nurses in our role play area, helping other children to feel better. We learned parts of our body and crated our own skeleton using pasta and cotton buds. We then practised our cutting skills to cut and stick a skeleton together. Outside, we enjoyed pretending to be mechanics by using the tools to fix the bike. We also enjoyed using the brushes and sponges to clean the bikes. Well done, Owls! 


W.b 11.09.23

We have been very busy this week using our newly learnt sounds to write a card for someone who helps us at home. We have been trying very hard to hear the sounds in words and use correct letter formation. We have also enjoyed using maths objects to subitise amounts, which we have done really well. We also made some brilliant faces using the loose parts. Well done, Owls.


WOW Day!

On Monday we had our superhero WOW day! The children enjoyed dressing up in superhero costumes and making their own superhero mask. We also had a special visit from some real superheroes and a villain. The children thought and asked some brilliant questions to help them learn about them.


Our first week of school!

What a brilliant first full week of school we have had! The children have settled in very well and we are very proud of every child for adapting to school life. It has been lovely to get to know the children and learn all about them. The children have loved dressing up in our Superhero Headquarters, working together to help save the world. We have also been talking about people that help us at home and from this, the children drew a picture of their family. We also created some brilliant paper plate faces; we used mirrors to look at ourselves and spoke about the colour of our skin, eyes and hair and how that makes us unique. We have been practising our fine motor skills by using the tweezers to put the pom poms on the superheroes. Well done, Owls for completing your first full week of school!




For Phonics information and support, please visit the Phonics section in the Parents section of our school website.


Please practice handwriting with your child every day for 5-10 minutes in their handwriting books.

Please ensure your child is reading everyday for 15 minutes. 
Below are a list of websites that offer some alternative ideas for reading and they are all free to access.  

Online Safety

Here are some resources to ensure your children are being safe online. 

Internet Safety 

Childline - 0800 1111, https://www.childline.org.uk/

Staying Healthy

Please have a look at this fantastic booklet. It is all about keeping healthy, both physcially and mentally! It has lots of practical ideas and activities to try. Enjoy!

Health for Kids

Out of the Ark Music

Feeling musical? Enjoy free fun songs to sing and learn. Choose few that make you feel happy and sing them everyday!


Oxford Owl Reading Tree

To access the Oxford Owl Reading Tree you will need to use the details below. Click on the 'My Class Login' of the website. The link to the website is below.


Username: rendellfoundation

Password: Reading

Legendary Learner Wellbeing Kit

Attached below is a free wellbeing kit. There is a letter to explain it and some family activities to take part in, as well as some information about a great app. Please have a look at the information and try some of the family activities at home with your children :) 




Useful Websites for EYFS