Year 1

Year 1 Project 1 - What Makes Me, Me?

We have finished our first project! During the first part of this year our project has been to learn all about ourselves. Through this project we learnt about our local area and located where we live on a map of the UK. We also looked at the work of Pablo Picasso and created our own watercolour self portraits and abstract style  pictures. We then desgined and made our own puppets to look just like us! It has been a great project and everyone is really proud of all the work they have done.


RWI Phonics

At Rendell Primary School we believe that daily phonics sessions are an important part of your child's early reading experiences. The following videos will give you guidance and support on your childs' phonic sessions.

Set 1 sounds with Mrs Nixon

Set 1 blends with Mrs Holman

Set 2 sounds and blends with Miss Cook

Set 3 sounds and blends with Miss Mace

Staying Safe Online

Please use these 2 links to find out how you can help your children stay safe on the internet.

The first link gives you advice and the second link is an activity you can do.

Internet Safety Parent Advice

Internet Safety Activity

Childline - 0800 1111,

Staying Healthy

Please have a look at this fantastic booklet. It is all about keeping healthy, both physcially and mentally! It has lots of practical ideas and activities to try. Enjoy!

Health for Kids - Looking after yourself kit

100 Fun Things To Do

We have attached a document containing lots of fun ideas that you can do at home to keep busy. There are 100 different activities to have a go at so there is plenty to do if you are stuck for ideas. What will you choose to do? 

100 Fun Things To Do

Year 1 Common Exception Words 
Below are some words that are taught in Year 1. Practise both reading and spelling them.
Below are a list of websites that offer some alternative ideas for reading at home. They are all free to access.  
Useful Links 
Below are a list of links and documents that may be useful for you to access at home.

Free online Art resource - - teaches you all about sketchbooks

Number Bonds to 20

Writing word bank

Adjective word mat

Part-whole model

Split diagraphs

Mindfulness Journal

Dave the Dog is worried about coronavirus