Welcome to Year 2 

Welcome back to school everyone. We hope you had a wonderful summer.

We are ready to start learning again now the new term has started. We have a very exciting year ahead of us.

Things to remember:

Please bring your book-bag each day with your reading book inside and a named water bottle.

PE days are as follows:

2KL - Mondays (outdoor)  and Wednesdays (indoor)

2SL - Tuesdays (indoor) and Wednesdays (outdoor)

Please remember to wear your PE kits on these days and make sure any earrings are removed or covered and long hair tied back. Full school uniform should be worn on all other days.

Miss Lipiak and Miss Lowe

Unit Pathway

Revolutionary Reign Pathway

It's so Joan Miro Pathway

London's Burning Pathway

Land Ahoy Pathway 


Revolutionary Reign homework

It's so Joan Miro homework

London's burning homework

Land ahoy homework



Please see the link below that explains the importance of TTRockstars, answers some frequently asked questions and provides downloadable resources. Please encourage your children to log in and practice every day.



Please see some questions you could ask your children to support the development of their reading skills. Please do not hesitate to ask for  further support if you need it.

Guided_Reading_Questions Level 1

Guided_Reading_Questions_Level 2

Guided_Reading_Questions Level 3

Guided_Reading_Questions Level 4





This year we will be learning spellings in a slightly different way than in Year 1 in order to tailor the spelling words to each individual child. Your child will be given a specific set of ten words which they will be tested on each Friday. Please ask your child about their spellings and encourage them to practise their words to be ready for their spelling test.

WC 13.5.24 Geography

Geographical sketches of the UK's coast.

WC 6.5.24 Science

As a part of our unit we have learned , that to stay healthy we need to exercise daily. We have investigated what effect does the exercise have on the body.


2.5.24 Pirate Day at Beaumanor Hall



Great fun! What a great treat at the end of a week.

WC 22.4.24 English

This week we got a chance to perform our rhyming couplets in front of our class. It is not as easy as it sounds but we did our best.


WC 15.4.24 Unit

Our new unit started with orienteering and learning about navigation, directions and compasses.


WC 8.4.24 Unicef Week

What a fantastic week we had designing, making and evaluating litter grabbers.

Have a look.

18.3.24 Art day

WC 4.3.24 Maths investigation

WC 4.3.24 Science

The life cycle of the butterfly- collaged and labelled .

WC 4.3.24 Art

Observational drawings of the artefacts that survived the Great Fire of London.

WC 26.2.24 English

In preparation to writng Boxton's story we created stry maps and retold his adventure. Examples below.

WC 12.2.24 History


WC 5.2.24 English


WC 22.1.24 Maths


WC 15.1.24 Art Exhibition

It was fantastic to see so many parents at our end of project exhibition. We hope you have enjoyed it!

WC 8.1.24 Art

During our art day in year 2 we created pieces inspired by Joan Miro using watercolours and i pads. We combined art and science and tried to present different habitats through art.

WC 18.12.23 Christmas Market 

Happy Holidays from Year 2

WC 18.12.23 Maths investigation


WC 4.12.23 Art

This week we have learned some facts about the focus artist and we have discussed his work. We have also learned some facts about his life.

WC 27.11.23 Maths

We continue with exploring 2D and 3D shapes.

WC 20.11.23 English

 Important part of our english lessons is exploring new vocabulary, learning the words, their definitions and practising using it correctly. This week we used words from 'Leaf'. We learned a word with our partner and then taught other children while they taught us their word. 

WC 20.11.23 Art

This week we have learned about secondary colours, tints and shades. We mixed primary colours to create our own colour wheels.

WC 13.11.23 PE

During our gymnastics lesson we explerored different ways of travelling. We have used different body parte and tried to develop our agility. The best part of the lesson was definitely bear crawls  and frog jumps.


WC 13.11.23 Anti bullying week

On Monday most children wore odd socks to show support to anybody who is different and stand up against bullying and discrimination. During our Jigsaw lesson we acted out and discusssed different scenarios whwwhen someone was bullied. It made us more aware of how other people think and gave ideas how to be more understanding and inclusive.


WC 6.11.23 Geography

As part of our new unit we have created world maps using a variety of materials. We had to label all the continent and oceans.

WC 23.10.23 Art

This week, as part of our unit Revolutionary Reign, we looked at artwork by L.S. Lowry. We discussed what we have noticed about his work, what we have liked and what we have disliked about it. After that we created our own sketchbook page about the artist and his work. 

WC 9.10.23 PE


WC 2.10.23 Year 2 Assembly


WC 2.10.23 No Outsiders

This week , as a part of the 'No Outsiders' programme we read a book titled 'All are welcome' . We talked about what makes us all different and what similarities we have as well as where we belong to-our families, class,  school, out of school groups. We then drew ourselves. Can you guess who's who?

WC 25.9.23 Maths investigation


WC 25.9.23 Revolutionary Reign


Black Country Museum 12.9.23


Victotian School Day Thursday 7th September


Victorian School Day

Please remember it is our Victorian Day on Thursday


Parents communication meeting Monday 4th September

Welcome to Year 2

Alan Peat Sentences

Please refer to the attachment below and use the different types of sentences to enhance your writing.


 It is natural to feel anxious or upset sometimes. Childline is a helpful website that you can access 24 hours a day. There is plenty of support and advice avaliable on www.childline.org.uk

If you feel you need to speak to a counsellor, you can call Childine on 0800 1111 from 9am - midnight.