Year 2

Project 2 Homework

Hello Year 2,

Please find attached our Project homework for project 2.

Miss Powell :)

Project 2 Homework Grid

Project 1 Reflection

We had a wonderful start to Year 2 learning all about the Great Fire of London. First we analysed clues from different suspects to make an informed decision about who was guilty of starting the Great Fire of London. We turned into the jury and found Thomas Farriner guilty of starting the fire. We enjoyed colouring mixing and making silhouettes to show the skyline as the Great Fire burned. We found out what was great about the Great Fire of London. It was an enormous fire that destroyed many things in its path. We particularly enjoyed designing and making houses in a similar style. We then burnt them to show how the fire would have spread. This was a great experience for us all to be part of. We found out all about Samuel Pepys and how we know about the Great Fire of London. We imagined ourselves as Samuel Pepys and wrote diary entries as him. 

We hope you enjoy looking through the photos of our wonderful learning experiences for Project 1. 


Autumn 2 Spellings

Hello Year 2,

Please find attached our spellings.

Miss Powell :)

Year 2 Spellings Autumn 2

Project 1 - What was great about the Great Fire of London?

Have a look below to follow our project pathway and look at our learning journey for this first part of the year. 

Miss Powell :)

Great Fire of London Project Pathway

Autumn 1 Spellings

Hello Year 2,

Please find attached our spellings.

Miss Powell :)

Year 2 Spellings Autumn

Autumn Homework

Hello everyone,

Please find attached our homework to be completed. 

Miss Powell :)

Homework Grid Year 2 Autumn

NEW - Internet Wellbeing

Please find information on the use of technology at home and how to develop healthy digital habits.

Introductory letter

Activities to complete

Staying safe online

Please use these 2 links to find out how you can help your child/ren stay safe on the internet.

The first link gives you advice and the second link is an activity you can do.

Advice - parent helpsheet



Childline - 0800 1111,

Keeping yourself healthy

Here is a fantastic booklet about how to look after yourself. It is very important during this time to keep ourselves healthy and safe. 


Mental health support NEW

Additional learning activities and websites

Please continue to use this bank of ideas to help with other learning activities at home.

Other trusted websites - Government backed

Offschool - another fantastic website filled with activities

HellHow to stay healthy in body and mind

Handwriting practice

Using the resources below, you can either print them off and practice them or copy the letters and words onto a piece of paper - remember to use cursive handwriting. Do you think you can make yours look exactly the same as the ones on the sheet?

Click the links below to download the worksheets.

Letter formation

Common exception words handwriting practice

Sentence handwriting practice

Sentence handwriting practice 2

Alan Peat Sentence Types

Download our Alan Peat sentences to help you include them within your writing. We use the '2A sentences', 'as a' and 'like a' and 'BOYS' sentences.

Alan Peat Sentences

Year 2 Common Exception Words

Here are the spellings that your child should know by the end of year 2.