Year 3

Project 1 Reflection
What a great start to Year 3 we had!First we pretended to be Vikings in longboats travelling to an unknown lands.A real Viking has video called us and tried to persuade us to join his army. From then we learned all about Viking origins, religion and  everyday life.To show where from and how they travelled we created a stop motion clips.  We researched in detail the life of a Viking child and debated if it would be better to live now or then.Finally we looked closer at different jobs Vikings could have- not all of them were warriors!Some of us wrote diary entries of a Viking jeweller and we finished our project by creating our own Viking jewellery.
We hope you can see our joy of learning all that in the pictures below.
Keeping Safe Online

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Staying Healthy

Have a look at this great booklet. It all about staying healthy, both physically and mentally. It has some wonderful tips and activities inside to help us all in these times. Please try some of them out  :) 

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It is a difficult time at the moment and it is natural to feel anxious or upset about Coronavirus, especially as our normal routines have changed. Childline is a helpful website that you can access 24 hours a day. There is plenty of support and advice avaliable on

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