Welcome to Year 4

Welcome back to school everyone. We hope you had a wonderful summer.

We are ready to start learning again now the new term has started. We have a very exciting year ahead of us.

Things to remember:

Please bring your book-bag each day with your reading book inside and a named water bottle.

PE days are as follows:

4SCY - Mondays (indoor) and Thursdays (outdoor)

 4SCK are Tuesdays (outdoor) and Fridays (indoor).

Please remember to wear your PE kits on these days and make sure any earrings are removed. Full school uniform should be worn on all other days.

Mrs Conway and Miss Cook :)

Unit Pathways

Rolling on a River

Walk like an Egyptian

Radiant Rainforests

Invaders and Settlers


Rolling on a River Homework

Walk like an Egyptian Homework

Radiant Rainforests Homework

Invaders and Settlers Homework

Parents Information 

Please see below a copy of the slides from our parents information meeting with useful details about year 4.

Welcome to Year 4 Parents Presentation


Science - 20.11.2023

We had a fantastic science lesson today learning about the importance of keeping our teeth clean. We looked at the results of our egg experiment to see what would happen when placed in different liquids (water, cola, orange juice and vinegar). The egg shells represented the enamel on our teeth. We had a great time getting out the toothbrushes and cleaning our eggs. 

PE - 20.11.2023

During our gymnastics lesson today, we used benches and different sized vaults to practise our jumping skills. We learnt how to mount the vault safely and land in a finishing position.

History - 15.11.2023

Today, we have been learning about the the three different farming seasons in Ancient Egypt and how the River Nile played a central part in the lives of the Egyptians. To help us with our learning, we used the VR headsets to take a closer look at the river and the benefits it provided to the people of Egypt.

DT - 03.11.2023

This week we made our water turbines, after researching and designing them. We carefully selected the materials we wanted to use. Then, we used scissors and junior hacksaws to cut the materials to size. We made sure our turbine blades were all an equal size and spaced an equal distance apart, before gluing them down. We then tested our water trubines using a motor and a battery, suggesting improvements. These included, making our water turbine stronger, waterproof or more balanced.

Maths - 02.11.2023

This week, we used our knowledge of place value to take part in a maths investigation lesson.


Science - 01.11.2023

As part of our current Science unit, we have really been enjoying learning about the digestive system. Today, we created a model of the digestive system, using everyday objects, to help us describe the functions of the different organs. It was so much fun (and a bit messy)!


PE - WB 30.10.2023

This term, our indoor PE lessons are focused on Gymnastics. We have been enjoying learning different skills such as making shapes, balancing and jumping.


Trip to Moorland Discovery Centre - 10.10.2023

We had a fantastic time during our trip to the Longshaw Estate in the Peak District this week. It was a full on day with lots of hands on learning experiences. We completed a labelled field sketch of a river including vocabulary such as the source, tributary, confluence and current. We also learnt about erosion and deposition. After that, we worked in groups to measure the depth, width and current of the river. During the day, we also walked around the moorland and learnt about the water cycle whilst taking in the sights of the beautiful scenery and identifying streams as we went. We learnt lots of interesting information during our walk. For example, the River Derwent flows into the Humber Estuary. We really impressed the group leaders with our knowledge of both rivers and the water cycle, recalling information we've learnt at school this term. We all had a brilliant day and represented Rendell superbly.

The following day, we created information leaflets about our trip to share information with other schools about the trip. 

Science - 27.09.2023

Today, we took part in a Science experiment to investigate the melting points of different food. We melted butter, jelly and chocolate to find out which had the highest melting point. We wrote a prediciton before carrying out our experiment. We also considered ways that we could make sure it was a fair test. We changed one variable and kept everything else the same. We discovered that chocolate had the highest melting point and took the longest to melt out of the three food items. We wrote down our results and a conclusion.


Geography - 20.09.2023

We worked in pairs to create a labelled diagram of the journey of a river. We identified key features, separating the upper, middle and lower courses. We used the definitions from our orienteering activity to help us. We also explored the journey of a river using the VR headsets.

Geography/Orienteering - 18.09.203

Today we learnt about the journey of a river. We learnt about the upper, middle and lower course of a river, discovering where it starts and where it ends. We used an orienteering activity to learn key definitions about the features of a river.


Science - 13.09.2023

This week, as part of our 'Rolling on a River' unit, we have explored the Water Cycle which also links to our current Science unit. We learnt about the different stages of the water cycle: evaportation, condensation, precipitation and collection, understanding what happens at each stage. We used the VR headsets to view a water cycle scene and identify where each stage of the cylce was happening in the scene. After that, we created our own 'water cycle in a bag' with a partner. We used marker pens to draw and label each stage before putting some blue water in the bottom of the bag to act as the sea. We used our creations to confidently talk through the water cycle, practising our oracy skills.



English - 07.09.203

This week, in English, we started our new text: The Rhythm of the Rain by Grahame Baker-Smith. We have focused on using exciting vocabulary and expanded noun phrases to describe an image from the book. In groups, we worked together to write a free verse poem about the water. First, we planned our poem and brainstormed different vocabulary to use in our poems including adjectives, nouns and verbs. We also tried to include alliteration in our poems. We each wrote a line of a poem on a strip of paper before deciding how to arrange them to create a group free verse poem.


Geography - 04.09.203

This week, we have embarked on our first unit of work 'Rolling on a River' which begins with a Geography focus. We have explored different maps throughout the week. First, we identified the four countries that make up the UK before creating a map showing some of the physical features of the UK. We created a key which uses symbols to help identify different features. We added rivers, lakes, mountains and forests to our map, as well as the capital cities of each country. 

We then learnt what lines of longitude and latitude are, as well as how to find the longitude and latitude of different places in the world using a map. We used our existing knowledge of the equator and the prime meridian to help us.




Regular reading is extremely important - this is a website that can help you to find books you might like. If you like the author Abi Elphinstone for instance, you will be able to find suggestions of other books similar to her style.


Happy browsing.

Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spellings

Please click on the attachment below to find the list of statutory spellings that need to be known by the end of Year 4. 

Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spellings

Alan Peat Sentences

Please refer to the attachment below and use the different types of sentences to enhance your writing.

Alan Peat sentences