Welcome to Year 6

Please remember to bring your bookbag each day, with your reading book inside, we have the opportunity to change our library books every week - our designated day is a Thursday. Please bring a healthy snack for playtime and please also remember a named water bottle.

PE days are Mondays and Fridays. Remember to come into school already wearing your P.E. kit.

Parent Workshop presentation - Key information

Year 6 parent information presentation

Mrs Rixon-Fox, Mr. Wicks, Miss Begum, Mrs Pathania

Unit of study Pathway

WW2: Their Finest Hour Pathway

Unit of study Homework

WW2 Their Finest Hour

Homework Grid Year 6 Greeks

English 4.12.23

In English this week, we have started a new novel called 'Wonder.' We have only explored the first chapter where we met our main character, August, who appears to be extra 'ordinary.' Using the information we've learnt so far about him, we created our own ballads and used poetic features. 


Science 30.11.23

This was the last lesson in our science unit of electricity. We had to use the knowledge we had gained over the past few weeks to build a working wire game with buzzer - a bit like 'Operation'. We used our knowledge of conductors and insulators to help us. We created varying designs for our wire game and had fun whilst learning!


History 21.11.23
This week, we delved into the Battle of Marathon (a significant event that halted the Persian invasion of Greece) to understand key people and the events that led up to it. The children created a comic book strip to help describe and understand this.

History 16.11.23

Today, we placed Ancient Greece on a timeline. We looked at where it sat in accordance with other periods of history and then looked at 5 specific periods within that. The children had to order these correctly and then place certain 'events' that happened in each of these. For example, when the parthenon was built.


P.E. Rugby & Gymnastics 3.11.23

In Rugby, we are continusing to practise our backwards passing, drop passeses and this week have added the skill of try-scoring. We also have enjoyed a few attempts at some kicking!


In Gymnastics, we are refining how to tense our core and other muscles to enable us to hold balances for a longer period of time. We are also learning and refining a variety of balances. This included working in pairs to hold these.


Henry Moore and Paul Nash Finished Pieces 27.10.23

Take a look at our fabulous final outcomes of artwork. We used inspiration from Henry Moore and Paul Nash to create a final piece. 


Henry Moore and Paul Nash art practise 24.10.23

Today, we looked at 2 different war artists, how they differ and the techniques they used. Henry Moore focussed on life in Britain during the war and tried to depict the hardships of the people. Paul Nash focussed more on action of the war and battles, also using more vibrant colours and the medium of water colours. The children practised both artists techniques using one of their pictures as a stimulus. The focus was on practise not a final product.


Kip in A Ship

Wow, what a trip, The weather was on our side and so was the traffic! The children had an absolutely amazing experience. Seeing all the WW2 relics will really enhance their learning and curiosity of the subject. Please find photos of the trip below.

World War 2 - Propaganda - 26.9.23

We delved into what propaganda was and how it was used in the war - for both evil and good reasons. We looked at the different themes involved within it: women joining the war effort, growing your own to name a few. The children were tasked with creating their own poster using a slogan.


Clay Sculpting


Science - Animals including Humans - 6.10.23

This week, we conducted an investigation to develop our understanding of how the body absorbs nutrients from the blood. We discovered the terms osmosis and diffusion. In our experiement we placed gummy bears into different liquids to explore how substances moved through water and what impact this had on the gummy bear. 


Science - Animals including humans - 21.9.23

Following on from our investigation, we looked at blood and what is actually inside it. We learnt about red and white blood cells, platelets and plasma and what their individual functions are. To finish off we created a pie chart to show how much of each is in our blood.


Science - Animals including humans


English - Diary Entry - 14.9.23

In our English, we have been reading and analysing the book 'Rose Blanche'. It shows the war from the perspective of an empathetic German girl living in Germany. We used a part of the book to create a diary entry. Before this, we looked at the figurative language in the book and created our own and explored the differing emotions the character Rose would have had. Here are some examples of the end outcome.


Victory Show Trip 2023

We had a fabulous day on our trip to the Leicester Victory Show. The show provided Historical Societies and re-enactments through various forces, from several eras and theatres during the period of 1939-45. From Airmen to Infantry, the Victory Show opened a window in time to the fabulous 1940's. The children throughly enjoyed first-hand experience of what it could have been like during the period in time, being able to watch the volunteers use weaponry from the period as well as getting to hold some of these pieces themselves. There was lots of enquiry throughout the day which has acted as great start to our unit of learning. 


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Childline Message

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Alan Peat Sentences

Download our Alan Peat sentences to help you include them within your writing. Try to use ones you are least familiar with and look carefully at the punctuation required for each sentence type.