Year 6

Non-Violent Movements
In R.E, we have been learning about non-violent protest movements as a way to appreciate the impact these movements have on tackling significant issues. We focussed on key figures such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela etc. 
How Extreme is Our Earth?
Year 6 have made a fantastic start to their new project, exploring the four layers of Earth. For our WOW day, we created models which demonstrated the cross section of the Earth and used this to understand the differences in the four layers: the crust, mantle, outer core and inner core. 
Take a look at our models! 
WWII Portals to the Past
Year 6 had a great start to their new project on WW2. Exploring a variety of artefacts and sources from the past, they had a brilliant time exploring the WW2 era and asking questions to further their knowledge based on the sources.

Online Safety Advice For Parents

Please download and follow the links for some online safety tips.

Childline Message

It is a difficult time at the moment and it is natural to feel anxious or upset about Coronavirus, especially as our normal routines have changed. Childline is a helpful website that you can access 24 hours a day. There is plenty of support and advice avaliable on

If you feel you need to speak to a counsellor, you can call Childine on 0800 1111 from 9am - midnight. 

Health For Kids Kit

Download this wonderful booklet for some top tips and advice on how to stay healthy- both physically and emotionally.

There is information on:

  • Staying healthy
  • Handling your emotions
  • Saying goodbye to your worries 
  • Staying connected 
  • Things to do

Alan Peat Sentences

Download our Alan Peat sentences to help you include them within your writing. Try to use ones you are least familiar with and look carefully at the punctuation required for each sentence type.