Year 6

A video from us to you...

We have been working on a little something for you all to show you that we are thinking of you. Stay safe, stay well, stay happy!

From all of us at Rendell Primary School.

Online Safety Advice For Parents

Please download and follow the links for some online safety tips.

Childline Message

It is a difficult time at the moment and it is natural to feel anxious or upset about Coronavirus, especially as our normal routines have changed. Childline is a helpful website that you can access 24 hours a day. There is plenty of support and advice avaliable on

If you feel you need to speak to a counsellor, you can call Childine on 0800 1111 from 9am - midnight. 

Health For Kids Kit

Download this wonderful booklet for some top tips and advice on how to stay healthy- both physically and emotionally.

There is information on:

  • Staying healthy
  • Handling your emotions
  • Saying goodbye to your worries 
  • Staying connected 
  • Things to do

Year 6 Home Learning Friday 22nd May 

Task Five 22.05.20

Happy Friday Year 6!

Lots of announcements for you. Today may be the last day of Ramadan and therefore, Muslims around the world will be celebrating Eid this weekend! If you are celebrating, we would like to wish you and your family a very special Eid Mubarak. Our thoughts are with you while you are enjoying Eid, especially during this crisis.

Secondly, many of you are aware that school will be welcoming back Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils on Monday 1st June. This date may change depending on any announcements made by the government. If your parent has confirmed your attendance with us, we have phoned them today to let them know your start time. We look forward to having you back in the classroom! For those of you who will be staying at home, we will still be providing home learning but on a weekly basis. 

Lastly, as next week is half-term, we will not be uploading any home learning. Have a break, enjoy the sun and eat an ice cream (or two)!

Take care and stay well,

Miss Begum and Mr Buxton

Year 6 Home Learning Thursday 21st May

Task Four 21.05.20

Good Morning Year 6,

Here is your Home Learning for today which includes a science lesson on magnets and a writing task around the discovery of a message in a bottle. Perhaps you could find out the record for the oldest 'message in a bottle' ever discovered. How old was it? Where was it found? By whom?

Have fun,

Mr Buxton and Miss Begum

Year 6 Home Learning Wednesday 20th May

Task Three 20.05.20

Good morning Year 6. We hope you are continuing to enjoy this sunny weather. Apparently today could be the hottest day of the year so far! Take care in the sun today and make sure you drink plenty of water. Did you manage to find out the names of all of Henry's wives and learn the rhyme which tells you how each relationship ended? Enjoy today's Home Learning.

Mr Buxton and Miss Begum

Year 6 Home Learning Tuesday 19th May 

Task Two 19.05.20

Guten Morgen Year 6,

We hope you've had a great start to this sunny week. Did you like yesterday's learning on King Henry VIII? Here's a related fact: on this day in 1536, King Henry VIII's second wife, Anne Boleyn, was beheaded. After today's home learning, you can visit for more information on why he had so many wives. 

Have fun,

Miss Begum and Mr Buxton

Year 6 Home Learning Monday 18th May

Task One 18.05.20

Good Morning Year 6,

We hope you had a lovely weekend. For those of you who observe Ramadan, we hope your fasts are going well and that you're enjoying this special month with your family. Today's learning features a fantastic picture book called 'Eric' - the ending will definitely bring a smile to your face.

Keep well,

Miss Begum and Mr Buxton

VE Day- 75 Years On

Here are some additional resources for you to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day and learn more about the significance of this day. We would've loved to have shared this learning with you in class- especially the Lindy Hop swing dance!

Enjoy the activities throughout the week.

Miss Begum and Mr Buxton


VE Day Party Songs and Dance

VE Day Recipes (1940s Inspired)

Picture News Resource - VE Day 75th Anniversary 2020

VE Day 75th Anniversary Resource

Churchill's VE Day Speech

Year 6_Home Learning Friday 15th May

Task Five 15.05.20

Good Morning Year 6,

Everybody breathe a sigh of relief - SATs week is finished! Just a few more questions today featuring another old friend. Have a lovely weekend.

Mr Buxton and Miss Begum

Year 6 Home Learning Thursday 14th May 

Task Four 14.05.20

Buenos Dias Year 6,

We hope you enjoyed yesterday's learning and the glorious return of Chen. Get yourself ready for some more 'Silly SATs' activities today. 


Miss Begum and Mr Buxton

Year 6 Home Learning Wednesday 13th May 

Task Three 13.05.20

Good Morning Year 6!

Today would have been day three of SATs week which would have been the arithmetic and the first reasoning maths tests. We know (and you know) how hard you have worked all year and how dedicated you have been towards improving your practice test scores. We really believe you would've smashed SATs week!

Enjoy today's home learning as there are lots of 'Silly SATs' activities.


Miss Begum and Mr Buxton

Year 6 Home Learning Tuesday 12th May

Task Two 12.05.20

Good Morning Year 6.

We had a message from Mr Robinson at Limehurst to say that he has posted a transition page for Year 6 pupils and parents on the Limehurst website. It is packed with information about what to expect from your new school and hopefully will answer some of those questions that you or your parents may have. It also contains some activities for you to try as an introduction to secondary school life. If Limehurst is not your chosen school, it might still be worth a look - the activities could apply to any secondary school. You should be able to link directly here Limehurst Transition Information.

Have a great day,

Mt Buxton and Miss Begum

Year 6 Home Learning Monday 11th May

Task One 11.05.20

Good Morning Year 6 and welcome to another week. We hope you enjoyed the long weekend and that some of you managed to join in with some of Friday's V.E. Day celebrations in some way. You may have found out that The Channel Islands (places like Guernsey and Jersey) were unable to celebrate victory until the 9th of May. This was because they were the only part of the UK to be invaded and occupied by German forces and the General in charge refused to surrender until the following day!

Of course today would have been the first day of Year Six SATs week! No exams today though - just another day of home learning!

Mr Buxton and Miss Begum. 

Year 6 Home Learning Thursday 7th May

Task Four 07.05.20

Good Morning Year 6,

We hope you've had another good week learning all about V.E. Day. Did you know that there was one area of Great Britain that could not celebrate V.E. Day on the 8th of May but in fact had to wait until the 9th? Could you find out where this was and why? Don't forget to clap tonight and enjoy the celebrations (and this wonderful weather) if you can. Have a great weekend,

Mr Buxton and Miss Begum

Year 6 Home Learning Wednesday 6th May

Task Three 06.05.20

Good Morning Year 6,

Just a reminder that as Friday is the official bank holiday, there will be no home learning posted on the website that day and home learning will resume as usual on Monday. Keep going with the weekly project based on the 75th anniversary of VE Day. The last major anniversary of this event came 25 years ago when we celebrated 50 years since the end of the war. Many streets hosted street parties to mark the event. I can remember the one which took place on the street where I grew up. Why not ask your parents to see if they can remember any of the events which took place in 1995?

Mr Buxton and Miss Begum

Year 6 Home Learning Tuesday 5th May 

Task Two 05.05.20

Good Morning Year 6,

Finally, some sunshine today! Last week, you were tasked to find out about why the Bank Holiday has moved to Friday 8th May this year and I'm sure you now know we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Lots of your home learning this week will be centred on this historical moment. To start us off, take a look at these fantastic 10 photos of VE Day celebrations that captured the day: 

Enjoy your activities,

Miss Begum and Mr Buxton 

Year 6 Home Learning Monday 4th May 

Task One 04.05.20

First News 1-7 May 2020

Good Morning Year 6!

Welcome to a new week of learning. It was lovely to have spoken to some of you and your parents last week and we are very pleased to hear that you are keeping well and trying your best with your learning at home. Keep up the great work and an extra well done if you have kept to a routine. 

Here's today's learning and I've also attached this week's First News issue. You can read about how some countries in Europe are easing their lockdown restrictions and there's a great article on the Black Mambas!

Year 6 Yearly Overview

You can look at this document to show your parents/carers everything that you have been taught during Year 6.

Alan Peat Sentences

Download our Alan Peat sentences to help you include them within your writing. Try to use ones you are least familiar with and look carefully at the punctuation required for each sentence type. 

Useful Websites

This document has a variety of useful websites that you can access while you're learning at home. Some are related to maths games, free access to eBooks or how to create your own science experiments at home. 

Have fun exploring. 

A message to parents:

School exercise books were given to your child to take home last week. They were also given any stationery which they may require to complete tasks. Please encourage children to use ANY space in ANY of their books to complete tasks. It also does not matter which colour pen or pencil they wish to use. These books could also be used for any additional tasks that you may wish to set for them. Teachers will not be marking work during this period but we kindly ask that you discuss and review your child's work where possible. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Miss Begum and Mr Buxton